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Having an online component to a business is the most vital challenge businesses will face in 2020 and on-wards.

– Mustafa Yildiz

With the arrival of CoViD-19, it has shaken most businesses to the roots of it’s core. As politician keeps telling us, we are living in “unprecedented” times. Have you thought to yourself, “Well, what does that mean for me and my business”?

Unfortunately, here in Australia we tend to have a lax attitude when it comes to innovating our businesses through technology. Now is the time to bring your business model in line with the rest of the world to 2020. While older traditional businesses are closing their doors, new opportunities and businesses are flourishing in this time of health and economic crisis.

The question now you need to answer is: How will your decisions impact the future of your business?

Will you concede to the challenges faced by 99% of businesses out their and simply go bust, or will you evolve and innovate your way through these challenging times.