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Innovating Yourself & Your Industry

It is during desperate times like the one we are in now (CoVid-19 Pandemic) that ushers a whole sleuth of new innovations to overcome problems. As we all now the common phrase from Mr. Darwin “Survival of the fittest”. A lot of businesses are hurting right now, most of them being brick & mortar shops that have avoided innovating for the good part of the last few decades. Well, now they’re facing to consequences of their complacency. Many businesses are at the cross-roads of innovation or going bust.

Catching Up & Innovating For The Future!

Most people have some kind of excuse for not innovating how they do their business, whether they are a sole trader or a small family run business. Where some haven’t seen the need to innovate, others simply don’t know where to start.

Innovation comes from curiosity of doing a standard way of doing things in a different way. Do you know what else comes from curiosity? Questions! As my 5th grade teacher once told me:

There’s no such thing as stupid questions!

Mr. Mark

I’m pretty sure he regretted telling me such a thing, as it opened a floodgate of questions from myself to him. On the other hand, thanks to that one simple statement, it helped be become a better critical thinker and a self innovator.

Bringing that line of thinking into 2020 where businesses are panicking as they watch their revenues get flushed down the drain. I would say to those businesses, start asking questions to anyone and everyone. This is the perfect time for all the sole traders, small to medium sized businesses to innovate and re-invent how they do business.

I know these are quite the testing of times. Here’s the silver-lining. If you can innovate your business through this health and economic crisis, you’ll come out way ahead of your competitors while gaining customer loyalty and appreciation for sticking through the hardest of times.